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Glass Doors

Glass doors can help improve any home or business. A&D Glass and Mirror is ideally located in Northwest OH and can provide glass doors to match just about any doorway in any type of frame. There are some great advantages to having glass doors over traditional wooden doors. One of the largest benefits is that a glass door allows light to pass through it. Even if the door is shut it will help illuminate the room and give the room a better look than just artificial light. Since more natural light is passing through the glass door less artificial light is needed to brighten the room and ultimately can help save money on electricity.

Glass Entryway Doors

Glass entryway doors provide an open and inviting feel to your home. If you install a front door made of glass it can help to improve the look of your home and even its value. The best thing about a glass entry way door is that glass doesn’t corrode or get affected by the weather as easily. This can help keep your door lasting longer and looking newer.

Custom Glass Doors

Custom glass doors are a great way to make your home or office looking modern and stylish. We can help improve the value of your home and give you the door that will fit perfectly in its space. Not all buildings are created equal and not all doorways are perfectly square. A&D Glass and Mirror will build a door that is not square so that when it is installed it will appear square with the rest of the doorway.

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